On the Pool

On the Pool

The clouds concealed the blue sky that was no doubt shining up above the grey barrier. This was the one recent morning that our weather hadn’t seen us blessed with sunshine and warmth. And this was the morning I chose to visit the tidal pool at Pittenweem. Not so much poor planning, it just so happened this was a child free day. So I packed my shorts and goggles and headed for the Fife coast.

Some info about the pool… https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/2297704/crumbling-coastal-tidal-pools-across-scotland-being-revived-as-wild-swimming-trend-surges-in-popularity/

And tide times if you fancy heading along… https://coastradar.com/places/united-kingdom/fife/anstruther/pittenweem-tidal-swimming-pool/

This is such a fab spot for swimming, it must be even better on a sunny day.

And for jumping in.

Can’t beat a bit of floating.

Eventually I did start swimming some lengths.

Under the water was pretty clear.

You should definitely go and check it out.

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