Yellowcraigs beach in East Lothian must have set a Guinness World Record last summer. One night saw 180 tents camped on the beach, according to a couple of rangers we chatted to on our second day here. Thankfully, last weekend, it was much, much more peaceful.

Dave, Young Johnston and I shared the sights and sounds of this coastline with just a couple of others groups and although I’ve been here before, I’ve never brought the canvas.

Arriving at about 7pm on the Friday, we were pitched by half past and had the fire going and the salmon and burgers cooking. Although I had forgotten the tomato sauce, which my two companions were most unhappy about.

The fire created some beautiful shapes and shadows. Whatever was in the shadows watched us head to bed at about 11pm.

Sunrise the next morning was pretty lovely.

Breakfast, some hot chocolate and some paddling set us up for the return to the car.

According to a couple of rangers we chatted to, one night last summer saw 180 tents pitched on the beach. Don’t fancy that.

We’ll be back, but definitely out of season.

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