Peddling Pitlochry to Perth

Peddling Pitlochry to Perth

The first of my of my 12 official microadventures of 2020. (find out more at my previous post Clearing the New Year Wreckage)  Although, having overestimated what I was capable of, it took most of the day to cycle the 48km from Pitlochry to Perth, rather than a few short hours, so more of an adventure rather than a microadventure. But I became very close friends with my velocipede and it was a great way to see more of the Perthshire counrtyside.

I wouldn’t normally cycle without a bike helmet. But when I left the house, I took my son’s helmet for some reason (his head is big but not that big) and by the time I realised I was at the train station…..

And if I wasn’t sure where my perineum was before this trip, I definitely do now. Ouch.

And check out the film below….

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