What’s this about big man?

Challenge Kev has been running for almost three years now, and for those of you unsure what it’s about here’s quick catchup……. Inspired by “The Quine’s Quest”, 75 challenges, nominated by friends, some easy peasy, others tough as Phil Mitchell, to be completed in a year.  This was hopelessly unachievable but I’ve been steadily working through them for the last 3 years, although the last few months have been quiet, what with more long term challenges like the Caledonian Challenge, ceilidh organising, moving cities and jobs, galavanting with KJB, etc to be getting on with.

I’ll still be spending some time trying to finish all of the old challenges (Look at the pages section for where to find more info, films etc), and also trying other new things as I continue my quest to find out just what the world has to offer in terms of experiences.  If you’re willing to join me (physically, spiritually, cybernetically or any other -ally) then thanks for taking an interest.  As Police Scotland’s finest might never say, don’t move on, there will definitely be something to see.   K

Balgownie Machine Centre Explore – Inside

Balgownie Machine Centre Explore

Kirsty and I went exploring close to home tonight, the Old Balgownie Machine Centre on Powis Terrace.  Not too much of interest, unsure how long it’s been closed.  The hobos that live there bag up their litter but not their “personal” deposits…

Hill Street Blues – EH1……in Lego-rama

For those of you of a certain age, you might remember a TV cop show called Hill Street Blues. It was an ace program, groundbreaking for its time and full of action, derring do, social conscious and buckets of humour.

I’ve been catching up with it lately and decided to have a play around with the credits after wondering what it would have been like if set in Edinburgh rather than Chicago. And if our boys in blue were made of lego (Lego was easier that asking real coppers to pose, chase criminals etc….). Here’s the result. Hope you likey.

Glen O’ Dee Hospital – Sunday 2nd March 2014

Our latest explore, the old Glen O’ Dee Hospital in Banchory. The original building was built in 1900 and started its life as Nordrach on Dee Hospital, a sanctuary for tuberculosis patients. When TB died down it served as a luxury hotel (when it became “Glen O’ Dee”), but was taken over during the war to serve as a billet for troops. It reprised its role in contagious diseases when the typhoid epidemic hit nearby Aberdeen in the 1960s, but its last use was as a residential home for the elderly. The original building closed in 1998, when a new purpose built building was built on the same site.

The original building has been featured on the BBC’s Restoration programme, but it has sat empty and deteriorating since 1998. It’s very much of it’s time and the outer colouring is beautiful, even if the interiors are showing the lack of care. Hope you enjoy.


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